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Sun and the importance of UVA/UVB protection

By C.P. 1 years ago 778 Views

Most of us when choosing sunglasses prioritize style, latest fashion trends, or even cost over safety. As customers we have to become aware of the health benefits of UV protection. What is UV and why do we need to protect our eyes from UV?

3+3 Tips To Avoid Harming Your Eyes During Social Distancing

By C.P. 2 years ago 235 Views

As we are all practicing social distancing, more and more families are spending time at home. As a result, there is an increase in the amount of screen time we are exposing ourselves to. This prolonged use of electronic devices such as computers, tablets, or smart phones could be harmful to your eyes. Therefore, we are highlighting a few key points to avoid harming your eyes during quarantine.


By C.P. 2 years ago 281 Views

Given the worldwide spread of Covid-19 contact lens experts from around the world, have compiled an updated guide for contact lens users which demonstrates the safe use of contact lenses.

The main concern of our field, as healthcare professionals, was and is proper hygiene. We have all in the past overemphasized the important role of thorough hand washing when inserting and removing contact lenses. The recent events confirm our persistence on strict hygiene rules.

More specifically we have selected some of the key guidelines that experts have emphasized as safe use in the healthy part of the population as well as what applies to the ill.