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Why choose us

Priority in service Our community is our main concern. We want our customers to always be satisfied with our products, services, and highly specialized staff. Our moving force is the perception of the uniqueness of each customer, as well as the correct counseling based on personal preferences.

Specialized servicesWe have a specially configured and equipped optometry room for checking your vision and teaching how to use contact lenses. This way, we’re making sure that every user truly receives the contact lenses or eye glasses that suit the anatomy of their eye or their daily needs.

Timeless physical presenceOur physical store is located in the most central road of Athens, Ermou Str., with a dynamic presence since 2005. It has thousands of glasses & contact lenses in a recently renovated and pleasant space of 200 square meters. The company also has central warehouses of 160 square meters for consistent renewal of our stock and provided products.

Technology by your side Modernization is our basic pillar for providing the fastest and of best quality services. Our online shop undergoes constant updating, always following the latest technological developments. Our goal is flexibility, as well as satisfying your needs wherever you are.

Authentic and ready to deliver productsWe enter into exclusive partnerships with the official manufacturers, aiming to ensure the authenticity of all our products. In addition, the vast majority of the glasses and contact lenses we get are in stock to avoid potentially delaying any of your orders.

Safety & protection of personal dataWe comply with the GDPR operating regulations, according to what’s provided by the law. There is only use of the necessary personal information to complete one of your orders. Our online shop is based on the latest technological updates, making use of the highest protocols and encrypted networks. We don’t keep a card archive, while your transactions are safe with our services.

Saving, exclusive offers and clear chargesWe provide affordable special offers, prioritizing demand. There is no small print in our prices and we make sure to maintain offers throughout the entire year. Prices are the same on the online and physical shops. Our purpose is to improve your vision and personal needs, always in your best interests.

Instant and minimal shippingMinimal shipping for orders under 50 euros and free shipping for orders over 50 euros. We’ve made sure there is the smallest financial burden possible for the shipping of your orders, whether you’re in Greece or abroad.

Corporate social responsibility Every year, part of our earnings goes to community actions. The pandemic was a milestone for the increase of this fund, in order to spread and stabilize it. Our main concern is our fellow human beings.

Greek trustworthy businessOur trustworthiness distinguishes us. Since 2005, we’ve been entering into synergies with abroad, but we’re a business of purely Greek character. Specifically, we employ a total of 26 employees, of which 16 are directly employed and 11 indirectly from a wide range of scientific branches and collaborators.

In case you are unsatisfied with our service, send us your complaint via email to [email protected]