Why choose us

  1. The majiority of our products have the lower price in the (Greek) market.
  2. We constantly make package offers that save you money.
  3. We have top selling lenses in-stock.
  4. We consistently live up to our promises.
  5. We only sell original products.
  6. Our shop is centrally located on Syntagma Square in Athens, operating successfully for years.
  7. We make sure you pay the minimum shipping costs. Moreover, orders over 50€ are delivered free of charge (within Greece).
  8. Your personal details are protected, since we do not keep records of credit card numbers.
  9. Transactions and navigation are secured, since our e-shop is custom-made and has not been developed on a widely used and easily accessible template.
  10. Our main purpose is to keep up with the latest technologies, in order to provide customers with a growing number of convenient solutions.

In case you are unsatisfied with our service, send us your complaint via email to g.avramis@avramisoptics.gr