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Acuvue Moist One Day lenses are made with Lacreon technology that provides incredible comfort and freshness all day long. The UV filter in the contact lenses increases corneal protection from dangerous UV radiation.
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€1.17 / lens
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Benefits of Acuvue Moist

  • Refreshing and comfortable eyes, even at the end of the day
  • Easy to use thanks to the handling shade and 3-2-1 indication
  • Clear and sharp vision
  • Healthy disposable daily disposable lenses
  • Integrated UV filter

Light Blue Tint

The slightly blue tint helps to better handle contact lenses and avoid accidents without affecting your vision.

Daily Disposable

Daily contact lenses offer maximum comfort and hygiene as they are discarded at the end of the day, granting the user a new pair at the next fitting. Ideal for users who do not wear contact lenses every day as they provide flexibility of use and savings.


Hydrogel is a highly hydrophilic material with high water composition. Through water, they support a proper distribution of oxygen to the cornea of the eye, offering high hygiene and comfort for each user. Whilst hydrogel contact lenses are the easiest choice for first-time wearers, they are notorious for their instant drop of performance after long usage within the day.

Multifocals Contact Lenses

Multi-purpose contact lens solutions cleans are disinfecting and moisturizing your lenses when stored in their case. It is mainly compatible with soft lenses and ensures the proper maintenance of them. For hygienic reasons it is recommended to discard 6 months after the first opening.

UV Filters

Contact lenses with UV protection help block out most of the UVA and UVB rays while ensuring the wearer has clear, focused vision.

More Information
ModelAcuvue Moist
CorrectsMultifocal Vision
Water Content58,00%
Oxygen Permeability (Dk/t)28,00 Dk/t
Lens TechnologyEtafilcon A
Package Content30

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