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Production of this contact lens has been discontinued worldwide and is no longer available. Upgrade your vision with one of the alternative products below or book an appointment for a free trial of matching lenses by our certified optometrists.
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€8.33 / lens
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SofLens Toric Contact Lenses for Astigmatism is a two-week replacement lens designed for people with astigmatism. The patented Lo-Torque design keeps SofLens Toric Contact Lenses for Astigmatism lenses exceptionally stable during wear, and the advanced optics correct astigmatism by refocusing light to a single point for sharp, clear vision. The SofLens Toric Contact Lenses for Astigmatism lens has a unique design that is exceptionally easy to wear. It provides clear vision and exceptional comfort consistently from lens to lens. After two weeks, throw your lenses away and start over with a fresh pair. As of 1st of January, 2023, the manufacturer has closed the production of a great variety of parameters. If your prescription is no longer available, you may upgrade to Ultra for Astigmatism. In all cases, you may contact us or book an appointment for a new contact lens fitting.
Παράμετροι Soflens Toric προς παγκόσμια κατάργηση
Σφαίρωμα Κύλινδρος Άξονας
+0.25D έως +6.00D -0.75D,-1.25D,-1.75D,-2.25D 10° έως 180°
Plano -0.75D,-1.25D,-1.75D,-2.25D, -2.75D 10° έως 180°

Light Blue Tint

The slightly blue tint helps to better handle contact lenses and avoid accidents without affecting your vision.


Hydrogel is a highly hydrophilic material with high water composition. Through water, they support a proper distribution of oxygen to the cornea of the eye, offering high hygiene and comfort for each user. Whilst hydrogel contact lenses are the easiest choice for first-time wearers, they are notorious for their instant drop of performance after long usage within the day.

More Information
Water Content66,00%
Oxygen Permeability (Dk/t)32 Dk/t at -3.00D
Lens TechnologyAlphafilcon A
Package Content3

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