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Production of this contact lens has been discontinued worldwide and is no longer available. Upgrade your vision with one of the alternative products below or book an appointment for a free trial of matching lenses by our certified optometrists.
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€3.33 / lens
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Οι φακοί επαφής Frequency 55 Aspheric έχουν σχεδιαστεί για άτομα με χαμηλό αστιγματισμό για τα οποία δεν είναι απαραίτητη ακόμη η χρήση τορικών φακών. Χάρη στην πρόσθια επιφάνεια ασφαιρικής γεωμετρίας, ο φακός Frequency 55 Aspheric προσφέρει καλή όραση ακόμη και σε συνθήκες χαμηλού φωτισμού, όπως κατά την οδήγηση το βράδυ. Οι Frequency 55 Aspheric έχουν ελαφριά γαλάζια απόχρωση για ευκολία στον εντοπισμό τους. Περιέχουν 45% πολυμερές Metaphilcon A και 55% νερό.

Aspheric design

The aspherical front surface offers more effective vision correction especially for users with low levels of astigmatism. It allows light rays to focus on a point instead of an area, increasing visual acuity. Enjoy high quality vision with reduced chromatic and spherical aberrations.

Light Blue Tint

The slightly blue tint helps to better handle contact lenses and avoid accidents without affecting your vision.


Hydrogel is a highly hydrophilic material with high water composition. Through water, they support a proper distribution of oxygen to the cornea of the eye, offering high hygiene and comfort for each user. Whilst hydrogel contact lenses are the easiest choice for first-time wearers, they are notorious for their instant drop of performance after long usage within the day.

More Information
CorrectsMyopia or Hypermetropia
Water Content55,00%
Oxygen Permeability (Dk/t)20,9 Dk/t (at -3,00D)
Lens TechnologyMethafilcon A
Package Content3

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